Crypto 2008 rump session

The Crypto 2008 rump session took place on Tuesday 19 August 2008. Daniel J. Bernstein served as chair. Tanja Lange served as associate chair. rtsp:// was webcast from the rump-session room. The call for submissions was posted the week before. A preliminary printed schedule was distributed Tuesday morning. Final schedule:
Crypto 2008 rump session, Tuesday 19 August 2008
19:30Bart Preneel (IACR Big Kahuna)Bart PreneelNew IACR Fellows Induction Ceremony
19:45Daniel J. Bernstein (chair)Daniel J. BernsteinWelcome to the rump session
19:46David Wagner (chair of something else)David WagnerCRYPTO 2008 Best Paper Awardslides
19:49Tony StieberTony StieberA Modest Drawing of Chanceslides
19:52Susan LangfordSusan LangfordCrypto 2008 t-shirt prizeslides
19:55Jim HughesJim Hughes2008 BoD Election announcement
19:56John Kelsey, David Chaum, Tal Moran, Andrew RegenscheidJohn KelseyScratch off attacks on end-to-end voting systemsslides
20:02David Chaum, Richard Carback, Jeremy Clark, Aleksander Essex, Stefan Popoveniuc, Ronald L. Rivest, Peter Y.A. Ryan, Emily Shen, Alan T. ShermanDavid ChaumScantegrity II
20:07Ben AdidaBen AdidaHelios: web-based cryptographic votingslides
20:11Jon Callas and Yvo DesmedtJon Callas and Yvo DesmedtA privacy preserving electronic submission processslides
Encryption hardware
20:16Timo Kasper, Christof PaarTimo Kasper, Christof PaarKeeLoq attack demo that usually work (or: Murphy's Law also holds at CRYPTO).slides
20:21Krzysztof PietrzakKrzysztof PietrzakA Leakage-Resilient Mode of Operation for Block-Ciphersslides
20:25Axel PoschmannAxel Poschmannwww.lightweightcrypto.orgslides
20:26Danilo Gligoroski, Smile Markovski, Svein Johan KnapskogDanilo GligoroskiMQQ - A Public Key Block Cipherslides
20:31Jean-Jacques QuisquaterJean-Jacques QuisquaterWhy the Bellcore attack is not working against an ENIGMA machine. Parts 1 and 2 slides
20:55Michael Backes, Markus Duermuth, and Dominique UnruhMarkus DuermuthPolynomially-secure cryptoslides
20:59Ueli Maurer and Stefano TessaroUeli MaurerEfficient PRFs from Very Weak Assumptionsslides
21:02Jon Callas and Yvo DesmedtJon Callas and Yvo DesmedtAssumptions, assumptions(?), assumptions (??), ....slides
Stellar examples of public-key cryptography
21:07Brandon Enright, Eric Rescorla, Stefan Savage, Hovav Shacham, Scott YilekHovav Shachaminsecure.iacr.orgslides
21:14Hal FinneyHal FinneyLooking Over Virtual Shouldersslides
21:18Yanbin Pan, Yingpu DengYanbin PanCryptanalysis of the Cai-Cusick Lattice-based Public-key Cryptosystemslides
21:23Phil Hirschhorn, Jeff Hoffstein, Nick Howgrave-Graham, Jill Pipher, Joe Silverman, William WhyteNick Howgrave-GrahamNTRUEncrypt Parameters secure against CRYPTO '07 hybrid attacksslides
21:24Eric Rescorla, Stefan Savage, Hovav Shacham, Terence SpiesHovav ShachamPaper Cryptographyslides
Stellar examples of secret-key cryptography
21:31Eran TromerEran TromerCryptanalysis of the Gpcode.ak ransomware virusslides
21:36Yu Sasaki, Kazumaro AokiYu SasakiPreimage Attacks on MD, HAVAL, SHA, and Othersslides
21:41Elena Andreeva, Charles Bouillaguet, Orr Dunkelmann, Pierre-Alain Fouque, Jonathan J. Hoch, John Kelsey Adi Shamir, and Sebastien ZimmerJohn KelseyTrojan Message Attacksslides
21:48Timo Kasper, Axel Poschmann, Christof Paar, GuestTimo Kasper, Axel Poschmann, Christof Paar, GuestBreaking Ciphers with Special Purpose Hardwareslides
Public-key proofs
22:10Divesh Aggarwal and Ueli MaurerUeli MaurerBreaking RSA Generically is Equivalent to Factoringslides
22:15Chris PeikertChris PeikertPublic-Key Encryption from the Worst-Case Shortest Vector Problemslides
22:20Eike Kiltz, Krzysztof Pietrzak, Martijn Stam, Moti YungMoti YungRandomness-Extractor Key-Derivation Approach to CCA2-Secure Hybrid Encryptionslides
22:24Peeter LaudPeeter LaudComputational soundness of formal encryption in the presence of key cycles, in the plain modelslides
22:28Alexandra Boldyreva, Vipul Goyal, Virendra KumarVirendra KumarIdentity-based Encryption with Efficient Revocationslides
22:31Ali Bagherzandi, Jung-Hee Cheon, Stanislaw JareckiAli BagherzandiMultisignatures based on DL assumption
22:35Michael Backes, Matthias Berg, Dominique UnruhDominique UnruhFormal Modelling of Cryptographic Gamesslides
Higher-level protocols
22:39Tal Moran, Moni Naor and Gil SegevMoni NaorAn Optimally Fair Coin Tossslides
22:44Manoj Prabhakaran & Mike RosulekMike RosulekRobust Protocols from Homomorphic-CCA Encryptionslides
22:47Juan Garay and Daniel Wichs and Hong-Sheng ZhouDaniel WichsSomewhat Non-committing Encryption and Adaptively Secure OTslides
22:51Mira Belenkiy, Melissa Chase, Chris Erway, John Jannotti, Alptekin Küpçü, Anna LysyanskayaAlptekin KüpçüIncentivizing Outsourced Computationslides
22:55Huijia Lin, Rafael Pass, Muthu VenkitasubramaniamHuijia LinUnified Framework for Secure Multiparty Computationslides

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